Donations are a huge part of ensuring that we can support young people to learn, grow & discover. 

From things such as providing uniform, purchasing new equipment or even participating in outdoor pursuits for many of our families can be prohibited by cost. We strongly believe that cost should never be a barrier to being able to enjoy life or taking part in activities. We use your donations to make sure the 1st Cowal is Open To Everyone.

Below are some of the ways you can support the 1st Cowal.

The Argyll Community Lottery costs £1 per ticket per week. 

For every £1 spent, the 1st Cowal receives 50p back. This is a great way to support us and there is also prizes of up to £25,000 each week.


Monthly donations are done by Direct Debit and help us to provide even more opportunities to Young People who otherwise may not have been able to afford to take part because of personal circumstances.


Give A Little

If you would like to donate as and when you can, then Give A Little is a superb way of doing just this.

You choose how much you want to donate, when you want to donate, enter your card details and the system does the rest. Click the logo below for more information